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Our team have been piercing ears for many years, and have completed accredited training

***For everyone's safety, this service is only available in orange and green light***

When thinking about where to have your ears pierced, it’s important that it happens in a private, clean and hygienic environment, and that good after care advice is available. We will talk you through the process, provide you with information on caring for your ears after piercing and we have some pretty cool earrings for you to choose from. 

Pricing varies depending on the earring you choose, starting from $26 - which include the earrings, cleaning solution and the service itself costs $10 on top. Age restrictions may apply. For under 16's a parent or guardian is required. We currently do not pierce any children below the age of 8. Enquire in store for more details.

No appointments required*

 *Not available in the last half an hour before closing